Testing update!

We have made significant progress in advancing LightWave3D support through the LightForge Render UI and the plug-ins installed on your systems for LightWave3D versions 2019.x and 2018.x.
We have been able to successfully render scenes containing MDD and PFX (and likely support for *.bdd, *.mc, etc.) directly sent from the plug-in. We have also sorted out the image buffers savers, but still require that the use of “Use Prefs Output Paths” be disabled and real file locations on your system be used.

In addition to to this we are testing extensively the use of TurbulenceFD. It is now possible to upload manually a TFD cache and have the LightForge render network use this cache for rendering correctly. It’s a bit of a hack and does require manual intervention on the part of you, the user, but it does work. We will describe this process shortly. We are working on making this automatic or cache server side as a per processing fee based service.

More details soon!

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