Hardware Update complete, new plug-in enhancements and more.

We have completed an update to our network connectivity. As a result you will see faster uploads than previously. Furthermore, we have added a few more nodes to our Hyperion Cluster. These systems are however still being configured so they may not always be available over the next couple of days. We will keep you updated on their status as we also bring up even more systems (in the hundreds) here shortly.

With respect to our LightForge Render Plug-in and the LightForge Render Network-UI, we have also made several improvements. We now support OpenVDB directly, so you can now render your jobs with OpenVDB volume files! We are currently testing *.abc (Alembic) cache files with LightWave3D 2019.1.4 and down to 2018.0.7.

LightWave3D 2015.3 support is still in progress on many fronts. We will keep you posted on that but we are committed to bringing you the widest range of support for previous and current versions of LightWave3D with as much of that extending to all of their version features and those of popular 3rd-party plug-ins.

We are just days (48-72 hours) from launch. During this time we ask that everyone hammer the hell out of the systems.